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Visits to Norwegian museums continue to increase Articles Culture and recreation, Svalbard
Norske lastebiler taper markedsandeler tross økt godsmengde Artikler Transport and tourism
Minor fall in share value, value of debt securities up Articles Banking and financial markets
Decline in fertility from 2010: The relevance of education, economic activity and economic ressources for first and third births Reports 2017/12 Population
Net purchases of mutual fund shares Articles Banking and financial markets
Greenhouse gas emissions decreased last year Articles Nature and the environment
The low population growth continues Articles Population
Increase in construction costs Articles Prices and price indices, Construction, housing and property
Sales of petroleum products decreased Articles Energy and manufacturing
A large increase in salmon export price Articles External economy
Increased tax payments despite lower petroleum taxes Articles Public sector, Svalbard
Good results for banks Articles Banking and financial markets
Increase in number of job vacancies Articles Labour market and earnings
Increasing inflow of housing projects continues Articles Construction, housing and property
Increased growth in the mainland economy Articles National accounts and business cycles